Gundog: Animal World War open beta begins June 28

By Michael Jamias
gundog animal world war open beta

Gundog: Animal World War charges into the open beta phase Friday next week, June 28.

OGPlanet said that the team-based, third-person shooter fps mmo will show off its markedly improved gameplay mechanics, as well as new audio and a sleeker user interface during the free open beta.

This upcoming Gundog: Animal World War open beta will be the last beta phase for the game before it releases worldwide.

The premise of Gundog: Animal World War might seem hilarious -- the game is set in a world that has literally gone to the dogs with warmongering canines shoot each other to extinction -- but it has some legitimately fast-paced combat and fun collectible card elements that should attract a cross-section of MMOFPS fans.

Watch the trailer below to see what we mean:

Players will be able to select from dozens of playable Gundog characters and six playable classes, including the Rifleman, Medic, Sniper and even a Rocket Troop. Gundog characters can be leveled up and given additional skills and weapons through the collectible Gundog Card system.

Combat takes place across several maps and modes, from train yards to army bunkers, with the goal of blasting the rival team till their floppy ears fall off.


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