Gundog: Animal World War News

GUNDOG Goes Into Open Beta
Clever phrases involving dogs abound, as Innoceed's canine-themed shooter, GUNDOG: Animal World War, swings wide the doors of its beta servers. Yes, GUNDOGS is now in open beta, which means you can finally hop into the only shooter we can think of that lets you play as a World War II-era cartoon dog. Oh, those clever phrases we mentioned? Here's an example from the official press release: "Release the Hounds! The Open Beta for the dog-centric, t...
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Jun 29 2013
gundog animal world war open beta
Gundog: Animal World War charges into the open beta phase Friday next week, June 28. OGPlanet said that the team-based, third-person shooter fps mmo will show off its markedly improved gameplay mechanics, as well as new audio and a sleeker user interface during the free open beta. This upcoming Gundog: Animal World War open beta will be the last beta phase for the game before it releases worldwide. The premise of Gundog: Animal World War might...
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Jun 21 2013