Guncraft partners with Twitch for livestreaming feature

By Michael Jamias
guncraft twitch livestreaming feature

Guncraft players can start livestreaming their matches by accessing the newly integrated Twitch platform.

The new Guncraft livestreaming feature makes it that much easier for players to broadcast their shootout sessions and world-building masterpieces to the rest of the world.

Gamers will be able to natively launch Twitch directly from Guncraft for real-time broadcasting of epic matches, according to developer Exato Game Studios, without having to use additional hardware or software.

Developers said the native livestreaming feature will go a long way in giving the game that added social depth as players share their experiences with friends and the rest of the MMO community.

“Now all of our players can broadcast their matches and epic headshots with no hurdles. Guncraft has always been about creating and sharing, and Twitch makes this even better," said John Getty, lead developer for Guncraft and founder of Exato Game Studios.

The livestreaming feature will go live on July 11 coinciding with the release of the MMOFPS. The game is currently in its final beta test.

The development teams will be showcasing the livestreaming feature to host a three-day “Block and Loaded Marathon” from 12 PM EDT, July 8 through midnight EDT, July 11.

To mark the partnership with Twitch, Guncraft will soon have a Twitch character skin.


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