Guncraft cranks out Team Fortress 2 map, weapons and skins

By Michael Jamias
guncraft team fortress 2 update

How would you like a slice of Team Fortress 2 flavor in your Guncraft? Wish granted!

Guncraft developer Exato Game Studios has released a free Team Fortress 2-inspired update releasing an iconic “2Fort” level and new weapons from the insanely popular team-based FPS.

The update unloads a cache of familiar firearms that Team Fortress 2 fans will instantly recognize: The medigun, flare gun, sticky jumper, flamethrower, sasha, and scattergun. There are also killer melee arms to wield such as the iron bat, sandvich, lollichop, bone saw and wrench.

That's not all. Team Fortress 2 classes have even been re-imagined in the Voxel-based shooter. You'll have a blast donning the digs of a Heavy, Medic (shown in photo thumbnail above), Pyro, Scout and many more.

Developers has been on a giving mood after the successful launch of Steam Workshop for Guncraft which has led to fans creation more than 800 pre-fabs, weapons, skins and levels for the free mmofps.

Fans should also note that the developers obtained full permission to get inspired by the FPS franchise, so you won't feel guilty at all enjoying the officially licensed Team Fortress 2 weapons and skins in-game.


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