Guncraft locks on to July 11 release

By Michael Jamias
guncraft release date july 11

The voxel-styled shooter MMORPG gets ready to release next month with custom guns blazing.

Exalto Game Studios and Reverb Publishing have confirmed that Guncraft will be officially launching on July 11 on the PC platform.

Guncraft will launch with a full cartridge of exclusive features, including more than 8 game modes for up to 16 players either connected online or via LAN.

Developers noted several of the more unique game modes as Lava Survival where the battle arena is slowly deluged with insta-death magma. The player who survives last in the infernal pit wins.

There is also the Onslaught co-op mode where four-man teams get to experience an epic last stand against never-ending waves of manic soldiers, killer drones and robot spiders and missile-shooting aircraft.

Another distinct feature that developers have been hyping up is the fact that you can build Guncraft weapons block by block through the smithing feature. Not only can players create crazy guns like grenade launching cats (we swear, we're not making this up), they can also modify the stats in each created weapon to sync with their combat style.

Other notables coming in the launch version are level creation systems, player-controlled vehicles, clan systems, and ranks for truly competitive gaming.

Guncraft is also currently a candidate for the Steam Greenlight program, and developers are asking fans to upvote the FPS MMO for inclusion in the platform.


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