Guncraft deck and DLC tries for Kickstarter crowdfunding

By Michael Jamias
guncraft deck dlc kickstarter

Guncraft will send out custom-designed real playing card decks and DLC skin sets if it meets its $10,000 Kickstarter goal.

The voxel-based shooter MMO has created a new crowdfunding project designed to appeal to both real card players (eg poker fans) and online game fans.

Card playing enthusiasts and collectors will receive the special Guncraft deck, designed with the visual flair of the fps mmo and made by USPS which also makes those casino-favorite brands like Bicycle and Bee.

Meanwhile, online gamers will get a set of special DLC skins which developers said will help crush opponents. More skins might even be unlocked if the Guncraft deck-and-DLC project meets higher stretch goals beyond the initial $10,000.

Both the card playing deck and in-game skins are designed with the Guncraft fan in mind, using its trademark blocky visuals and military visual style.

Basic pledges begin at $5 for just the DLC set, and $10 for the DLC set plus 1 playing card deck. (Additional shipping charges apply to destinations outside the US, with sending date targeted for October 2013.)

Higher pledges increase the number of DLC sets and decks, possibly those who want to gift the extras to their friends. The most premium pledges come with hand signed decks, uncut deck sheets, exclusive weapons such as The Revolver, RCP-9000 and AK-1337, and a purple username. Most of these higher pledges though have already been snapped up as of this posting, so you will likely have to settle for the core deck and DLC set.


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