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guncraft xbox 360 release date
Xbox 360 marks the spot for Guncraft as the MMOFPS jumps over to the console on July 14. The Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded Xbox 360 version will be available for digital download on Xbox Live, and will come loaded with new features specific to the platform. Guncraft Xbox 360 features include a two-player split-screen mode for multiplayer fun on the couch, an improved leveling system, high-resolution models for more gorgeous visuals and exclusive...
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Jun 26 2015
guncraft team fortress 2 update
How would you like a slice of Team Fortress 2 flavor in your Guncraft? Wish granted! Guncraft developer Exato Game Studios has released a free Team Fortress 2-inspired update releasing an iconic “2Fort” level and new weapons from the insanely popular team-based FPS. The update unloads a cache of familiar firearms that Team Fortress 2 fans will instantly recognize: The medigun, flare gun, sticky jumper, flamethrower, sasha, and scattergun. There...
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Oct 12 2013
guncraft steam release
Indie developer Exato Game Studios and Reverb Publishing announced that its voxel-based mmofps, Guncraft, has hit Steam. Available for $14.99, the Guncraft Steam version offers more than eight shooter game modes and expansive creative building features. Up to 16 players either online or through LAN can participate in fun game modes, including Lava Survival, Onslaught, Spleef, Siege and even a Racing mode. Meanwhile, MMO fans who want to c...
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Aug 10 2013
guncraft twitch livestreaming feature
Guncraft players can start livestreaming their matches by accessing the newly integrated Twitch platform. The new Guncraft livestreaming feature makes it that much easier for players to broadcast their shootout sessions and world-building masterpieces to the rest of the world. Gamers will be able to natively launch Twitch directly from Guncraft for real-time broadcasting of epic matches, according to developer Exato Game Studios, without having...
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Jul 09 2013
guncraft release date july 11
The voxel-styled shooter MMORPG gets ready to release next month with custom guns blazing. Exalto Game Studios and Reverb Publishing have confirmed that Guncraft will be officially launching on July 11 on the PC platform. Guncraft will launch with a full cartridge of exclusive features, including more than 8 game modes for up to 16 players either connected online or via LAN. Developers noted several of the more unique game modes as Lava S...
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Jun 07 2013
guncraft deck dlc kickstarter
Guncraft will send out custom-designed real playing card decks and DLC skin sets if it meets its $10,000 Kickstarter goal. The voxel-based shooter MMO has created a new crowdfunding project designed to appeal to both real card players (eg poker fans) and online game fans. Card playing enthusiasts and collectors will receive the special Guncraft deck, designed with the visual flair of the fps mmo and made by USPS which also makes those casino-fa...
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May 27 2013