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Guncraft Gameplay First Look - HD

Guncraft Gameplay First Look - HD

What do you get when you merge the action of a mmofps and the modding customization of Minecraft? You get Guncraft, the fps that opens up a world of possibilities for players to unleash their creativity. Guncraft uses the voxel style made popular by Minecraft and combines it with construction, destruction, and traditional fps elements.

This versatile game's biggest strength is the ability to create. Players can create their own maps, your own structures, and even your own weapons. You can choose how your weapon functions in every regard ,but is balanced by a 100 point system so that every creation is equal. You can select the damage, fire rate, ammunition capacity, and even the appearance.

When playing a match, players can create new structures to suit their tactical needs. If you need to build a watchtower or bunker to help you hold an area, you can do so. Players can lay down a quick structure or build one block by block. Need some stairs to get out of a jam? In Guncraft, you can do so. Even better is that all the environments in the game are totally destructible. You can blow up or build depending upon your situation.

Players can choose from various classes such as the rifleman or the sniper and players can equip different loadouts as well. There is also a ranking system for bragging rights and a clan structure as well. If you want heavier artillery, players can use vehicles to pound their foes to dust. This fps mmo can support up to 16 players. For match styles, all the fan favorites are here: capture the flag and team deathmatch. However, Guncraft adds some wrinkles to gameplay with some unique gameplay modes.

First there is the Onslaught mode where a team of players have five minutes to build a fortress and then have to defend it against waves of computer-controlled enemies. Siege mode has the players competing in two teams in a race to build a trebuchet. Spleef mode has players attempting to undermine other players by digging the ground out from under them, causing them to fall into lava and perishing. Lastly, there is Lava Survival where all the players are scrambling to climb ever higher as the lava rises, consuming all that it touches. When players shoot each other in this mode, they don't kill one another, instead they freeze them in place, helpless as the lava rises.

Guncraft mixes the versatility and creativity of Minecraft with all the action of first person shooters. Create your own maps, your own weapons, build structures during matches, and destroy everything in sight. The options available are dazzling.

By Jeff Francis


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