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  • Gunbound: start

    Gunbound: start
    When you start a new character, you can pick the look of your tank and your 3 special attacks....
    Gunbound: start

    Gunbound: ss

    Gunbound: ss
    Every 4 turns, you can use your super shot which is listed as SS in the bottom left corner. This will hit harder and can often hav...
    Gunbound: ss

    Gunbound: 1v1

    Gunbound: 1v1
    Matches are turn based team death match fights. In this case, I am in the middle of a 1v1 match with someone that is far better ge...
    Gunbound: 1v1

    Gunbound: loss

    Gunbound: loss
    Even if you lose, you can still earn GP and Gold....
    Gunbound: loss

Gunbound Gameplay

Gunbound Gameplay

Gunbound is a free mmo with a turn based combat, developed and published by Softnyx. Gunbound gameplay involves taking turns to fire projectiles at enemies. Vehicles (called mobiles) are an important part of Gunbound. Story doesn’t have a huge impact on gameplay. The adventures take place in a fictional world named Lond. This world has 8 satellites. Each Gunbound map has an ever changing setting. Terrain and weather conditions change with each turn. Players need to rethink their strategy in order to win matches. Gunbound playable characters are called avatars. They can be equipped with different items that influence gameplay in one way or another. There are items that boost HP or items that can teleport players. The room master has the power to decide what items can be used in a Gunbound match. Items are acquired from the game shop in exchange for gold or premium currency. This way, players can create personalized Gunbound avatars.

There are several types of Gunbound mobiles. The mechanical mobiles have good defense and damage attack. Shield type mobiles are capable of self healing. The downside of a shield type mobile is low HP. The bionic mobiles are great when fighting mechanical mobiles. They are vulnerable when hit with laser attacks. All Gunbound mobiles have 5 stats: attack, defense, mobility, delay and energy. Weapons are mounted on mobiles. Gunbound weapons inflict different types of damage. Each weapon has a weakness and an advantage over other types of weapons. There are physical, electric, laser and explosive Gunbound weapons. Just like weapons, some mobiles are more effective or weaker against other mobiles. Players need to get familiarized with all mobiles in order to know which one to use for attack or defense. Gunbound fps mmo rewards are not given just for winning matches. Players receive bonuses for dealing large amounts of damage per turn or multi kills.

Gunbound players can create and join guilds. Only players with certain ranks can become guild maters. Gunbound takes the whole guild system very seriously. Before joining a guild, players need to complete a guild request form on Gunbound official website. Gunbound mmo supports guild tournaments. There is a complex ranking system consisting of monthly ranking, guild ranking, bp ranking and country ranking. All 5 Gunbound game modes offer different play styles. In solo mode, players have just one life. Tag mode allows the use of mobiles. In jewel mode, players have to destroy specific targets. Score mode is about taking down the enemy team. Powerball mode is similar to score mode. Graphics wise, players won’t be amazed but Gunbound has a solid strategic gameplay.

By Rachel Rosen

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