Grimlands axed as developer focuses more on Fiesta Online

By Michael Jamias
grimlands axed

Developer gamigo said it has halted development for Grimlands and is pouring its resources to Fiesta Online’s internationalization.

Grimlands was an upcoming mmo fps set in a post-apocalyptic world with skill customization, crafting, co-op gameplay, and PvP features.

gamigo said it decided not to proceed with the MMO under its new company policy of reducing high-risk development projects. Grimlands may have attracted weaker-than-expected interest among players when it held its closed beta last December. Further Financing could also have been unaffordable.

“The game still requires substantial additional funds to be brought to completion,” said gamigo, further noting though that other titles in the pipeline will be receiving the same critical evaluation on whether development will continue or not. This suggests that other gamigo titles in development might be in danger of termination as well.

Gamigo said that in lieu of Grimlands development, the company is focusing instead on the internationalization of its successfully launched title, Fiesta Online. It had recently acquired a US license, which should require a dedicated team to ensure a pitch-perfect launch, and there are plans afoot to market the fantasy MMORPG in Mexico and Canada. The developer said that more than ever, the German, Spanish, Italian and French language versions will be critical to its internationalization push.

Still, Gamigo brushed off concerns that it will no longer interested in expanding its games line-up. Aside from still developing games, albeit streamlined to those with the most promising prospects, it is also still searching for acquisition candidates with new funds set to pour in through its new Family and Friends financing programme.


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