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  • Global Agenda: Classes

    Global Agenda: Classes
    Pick either male or female and decide between medic, recon, robotics or assault....
    Global Agenda: Classes

    Global Agenda: Equipment

    Global Agenda: Equipment
    You can change your equipment loadout by hitting 'i' and selecting the different spaces on the bar located at the bottom of the sc...
    Global Agenda: Equipment

    Global Agenda: Skills

    Global Agenda: Skills
    Unlike many FPS games, Global Agenda uses a skill tree. You can specialize your character by speccing however you want into your t...
    Global Agenda: Skills

    Global Agenda: Combat

    Global Agenda: Combat
    Combat is pretty much FPS standard. WASD movement, mouse panning, right click to zoom and left click to shoot. Your hotbar gives e...
    Global Agenda: Combat

Developed using the highly popular Unreal 3 engine, Global Agenda was originally released in 2010 as a premium, science-fiction based shooting game. It has since followed the trend of converting over to a free to play title, offering players the opportunity of purchasing several levels of membership. Global Agenda is set in 2155, after Earth was struck by one of the worst natural disasters in history. Players take on the role of soldiers that are attempting to claim the last few habitable zones.

Create your very own agent with an in-depth character customization system. You can choose from 1 of the 4 classes, Assault, Recon, Medic and Robotics. Each class has their own set of usable weapons and items and each have their own responsibility on the battlefield. A battle hardened Medic can ensure your team stays alive, while an emotionless Assault soldier bent on destruction can make sure your enemies don't stay alive. Although Global Agenda belongs to the MMOFPS genre, it does include RPG features in the character progression and unlock systems. Earth may be stuck in turmoil, but there's no shortage of futuristic technology for your custom agent. Players can unlock and purchase a wide variety of sci-fi based weapons such as jetpacks, stealth suits, holograms and droids, there's literally hundreds of weapons to choose from so you've always got something new to unlock or save for.

Global Agenda features great support for co-operative play allowing 4 players to team up and share the same mission experience. There are various mission types from infiltrating fortified basses, to taking down over-sized boss enemies. All of which can be done in a team, using in-game features to aid with communication and strategy, such as the in-built text chat or the voice communication system.

Global Agenda is mainly about the fast, action-based PvP multiplayer games. All modes featured are objective-based forcing players to construct different types of agent squads and using various tactics and strategies on the field. A lot of attention has been given to each class to ensure some of the most balanced PvP fights available in an online game.

By Rachel Rosen

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