Ghost Recon Online's first global tournament erupts this month

By Michael Jamias
ghost recon online first global tournament

It's a global shooter competition y'all, and Ghost Recon Online fans from both sides of the Atlantic are invited.

Ubisoft organizers are starting off their bid to make Ghost Recon Online a certified eSports sensation with a massive global contest. You know this is serious business when the North American Electronic Sports League and EU Electronic Sports League are involved and working together with the developers to make this challenger cup happen.

Fans of the free mmofps still have about a week to practice before the contest begins on Sunday, September 15.

Then from then on the Ghost Recon Online's first global tournament progresses into a "grueling" 7-week match series. A points system will be uses to determine the team rankings. Four teams with the most points after the match series will move on to their respective continental Final Playoffs.

Aside from the prestige of reaching the finals and winning cool prizes, there will also be mini-cup trophies awarded each week, so teams are encouraged to really put in the time for matches.

Those who can't be bothered joining such an intense competition either due to time or team constraints can find consolation in the new tier 8 weapons arriving on September 12 with the 0.12.4 update.

These are not your average remakes. They're the first batch of completely new weapons that will be hitting the fps mmo since Open Beta, so everyone will want to get their hands on the likes of the high-caliber Nemesis 50 sniper rifle and the SPAS-12 semi-auto Shotgun.


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