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ghost recon online first global tournament
It's a global shooter competition y'all, and Ghost Recon Online fans from both sides of the Atlantic are invited. Ubisoft organizers are starting off their bid to make Ghost Recon Online a certified eSports sensation with a massive global contest. You know this is serious business when the North American Electronic Sports League and EU Electronic Sports League are involved and working together with the developers to make this challenger cup happ...
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Sep 06 2013
ghost recon online phantoms
As far as next-gen (or new-gen, depending on your standpoint) goes, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online has been one of the most watched and hotly anticipated; but not any more. From this point on, we say goodbye to Ghost Recon Online and hello to Ghost Recon Phantoms, as Ubisoft announce the name change of the upcoming, MOBA inspired, mmofps.Ghost Recon Online's name change signifies the enormity of the changes in gameplay that Phantoms has rece...
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Mar 17 2014