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  • Ghost Recon Online: class

    Ghost Recon Online: class
    Choose between recon, assault, and specialist when starting a new character in Ghost Recond Online....
    Ghost Recon Online: class

    Ghost Recon Online: store

    Ghost Recon Online: store
    There are 2 currencies in Ghost Recon. Earn RP in game for the in game store or use microtransactions to unlock items more quickly...
    Ghost Recon Online: store

    Ghost Recon Online: ui

    Ghost Recon Online: ui
    Here you can see that the game does allow clan support and has daily objectives....
    Ghost Recon Online: ui

    Ghost Recon Online: gameplay

    Ghost Recon Online: gameplay
    Ghost Recon is a 3rd person shooter. The cover system gives it a bit of a Mass Effect feel....
    Ghost Recon Online: gameplay

Ghost Recon Online Gameplay

Ghost Recon Online Gameplay

Ghost Recon Online (GRO) is a free fps mmo, developed and published by Ubisoft. Ghost Recon Online is part of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series and is built on YETI game engine. Players can experience Ghost Recon universe in a multiplayer mode and without having to pay a monthly subscription or other fees. Ghost Recon Online is about strategic gameplay. Victory doesn’t go to those who score the most kills. Game modes have objectives that require involvement from each team member. Ghost Recon Online multiplayer system supports teams of 16 players. Weapons and equipment can be customized and improved with all sorts of additional parts.

Players will build their Ghost Recon Online characters based on 3 starting classes. Each class uses special devices. The Assault class has blitz and heat. Blitz is a shield that also boosts speed and heat is a weapon that blasts the enemy with a heat wave. Assaults increase hp and armor regeneration rate for their team members. The Recon class uses a cloaking system to move unnoticed. The oracle is a device that identifies enemies. Recon players can provide useful info to the whole team. The Specialist has a device that messes up enemy signals. Aegis is another device, used by specialists, to block ballistic attacks with an energy field. There are 4 types of Ghost Recon Online mmo weapons: rifles, handguns, shotguns and machine guns. Each weapon has 7 customizable parts: muzzles, side and bottom attachments, gun barrels, magazines, stocks and scopes. Weapons have a set of attributes: damage, accuracy, fire rate, ammo, magazine size, handling, proficiency and recoil. Armors and helmets are also customizable. Players can use armor inserts to increase their hp, hp recovery rate, decrease crit chance and overall damage for incoming attacks. Ghost Recon Online players also have grenades in their arsenal.

Before joining a Ghost Recon Online match, players create fireteams with their friends. Ghost Recon Online rewards actions that bring advantages for your team during a match. XP is gained based on these activities. Ghost Recon Online free mmo has an achievement system. Each achievement comes with a XP reward and special achievements unlock avatars. Completing missions is another way to earn XP and all sorts of items. Daily missions can be completed by anyone. Better rewards come from completing all solo missions that are part of a series. To be able to take party missions, players need to be part of a fireteam. Requisition Points (RP) are in game money and Ghost Coins (GC) are premium currency, used at the cash shop. Coupons are sometimes earned by taking part in events or promotions and can be exchanged for RP or other items. To play Ghost Recon Online, players need a Uplay account.

By Rachel Rosen


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