Tinker class blasts her way into Forge

By Michael Jamias
forge tinker class release

Armed with an explosive shoulder cannon, Tinker is an explosive addition to Forge's class line-up.

Available to play starting today, Tinker is the next piece of free DLC for the paid mmofps. Tinker looks and plays like a scrappy engineer with her backpack of gadgets and workwear goggles.

In the past week, developers released a trio of teaser videos that previewed the Tinker class.

Have a look and see if this new character excites you enough to purchase the Forge MMO.

The first shows off two signature weapons used by Tinker: The Cata Pad and the Armored Booth.

The Cata Pad, which can be placed on the ground and propel Tinker or her allies to reach rooftops and other vertical heights in the PvP arena. The Armored Booth is a trap that when stepped on imprisons an enemy in a damaging cage.

As seen in the video, both the Cata Pad and the Armored Booth can be used simultaneously to pull off a crazy stun combo.

If that got your appetite whetted, watch the second and third videos below which displays the full potential of Tinker's machine arsenal, from the protective Barricade to the destructive Buzz Saw.



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