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    Forge: classes
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    Forge: sprint
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Forge Gameplay

Forge Gameplay

Forge is a MMOFPS, developed and published by indie producer Dark Vale Games. Forge is available through its own official website but also received community vote for Steam Greenlight. This new Steam feature allows developers to advertise their game and the player community selects most wanted titles to be released on Steam platform. Forge is all about PvP fun. In a world named Forge, players will step into the shoes of great warriors seeking escape from gods' sacrifice. Players must fight in the name of their chosen god to free it from the Devourer. With each kill, players make a small progress towards freedom.

Not all Forge warriors have the same fighting techniques. There are 5 classes so players can choose one according to their personal preferences. Each warrior has a combat ally. Assassins are shadow warriors who use daggers and poisons. Their light outfit doesn't permit them to engage in face to face fights. Assassins use a panther as their combat pet. Pathfinders slow their enemies with traps and use ranged weapons to annihilate them. A dire wolf fights by his side. Pyromancers are high born people that dedicate their lives to fire magic. They can summon fire elementals. Shamans support the group with healing spells while their revenant pet keeps enemies at a distance. Wardens shelter allies and focus on defending skills and abilities. Their companion pet, a dire bear, reflects their strength and power. Each Forge class is also a race and has a patron god. Companion pets are gods avatars that help their followers. Forge MMO players can communicate and form groups without any faction restrictions. Factions choice does have an importance but just for the story line. More about Forge lore and faction interaction is found out when characters advance. As Forge characters level up they get more abilities and gain access to better weapons and armor.

Different Forge game modes and maps provide different gameplay and strategy. Capital Siege takes place in an abandoned city where players can fight in open zones or sneak through the sewers. Fields of Ruin map has some areas where players are totally vulnerable. Forest Ambush has a jungle setting with hidden paths. Ymil's Throne is a classical FPS MMO map with two identical bases. Forge main focuses are instanced PvP combat and no farming. The developers wanted to create a game that eliminates grinding. Forge is not a free to play MMO, it has a one time purchase fee but is more than affordable. There is a free demo for those who want a Forge preview.

By Rachel Rosen


Tinker class blasts her way into Forge

Armed with an explosive shoulder cannon, Tinker is an explosive addition to Forge's class line-up. Available to play starting tod...
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