Dramatic Firefall action trailer debuts on PAX East

By Michael Jamias
firefall trailer pax east

Firefall showed off its promising visuals and engrossing shooter action with a special trailer released during the ongoing PAX East event.

Fans curious about the still-in-beta MMO got a glimpse of its futuristic gameplay.

Firefall developer Red 5 Studios reveals how players will be fighting a final stand against Earth’s alien invaders. We get to see some of the locations in which the conflict will take place—from outdoor wastelands to underground facilities and even inside space ships.

Through this trailer, we get to see Firefall as a dynamic fps mmo with stunning hi-def graphics. The game also seems capable of handling relatively large multiplayer coop—in one scene we spotted around eight players carrying out a mission as one unit—and boasts of exciting combat features such as the ability to ride vehicles and activate jetpacks to evade enemy fire.

Most of the video’s action seems to revolve around the new Chosen invasion siege mechanics and dynamic events, just two of the unique features being tested in Firefall’s current closed beta.

Aside from launching this video, Red 5 Studios spent the PAX East event streaming answering community questions, hosting a livestream event of the game, and giving away Razer gear to convention attendees as well as livestream viewers.


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