Firefall open beta scheduled

By Jeffrey Davis
firefall open beta scheduled

The time has almost come to ready your battleframes: Red5 Studios has officially announced the start date for the Firefall open beta. Beginning on June 9 at midnight, players who haven't been registered to participate in the beta weekends will finally have their first experiences in New Eden as the fight against the Chosen kicks into gear for all players. Additionally, those who have participated in beta weekends in the past will have one last weekend of such - which starts at mid-day Pacific time on June 7 - before the servers open to the general public.

In addition to the anouncement, the development team will be holding a Facebook video contest for all beta weekend participants. Players will be able to create their own game trailers showing off their "why I love this game" promotions for a chance to win a gaming hardware package that includes a keyboard/headset combination, a supercharged AMD Radeon video card and free commander-level founders package. Better yet, participants in the beta weekend will also get a free night-vision item just for logging in during the Firefall beta weekend.

Whether you're just starting out (or have played in prior weekend sessions), the onset of the open beta will give players a number of reasons to jump into the heat of this promising free-to-play sci-fi MMOFPS that will have players tested to their limits and beyond. Having had a chance to play this game myself, I am loking forward to the potential for high-action firefights, large-scale action scenarios and in-game e-sports readiness within the various environments of New Eden. With a pre-public userbase of over 500,000 players, newcomers are certain to find their player-to-player match in very little time.


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