Firefall cements open beta to July 9

By Michael Jamias
firefall open beta date

The free mmo shooter moves to open beta on July 9, with good reason for waiting almost three months to make the jump.

Developer Red 5 Studios has also launched the official Firefall open beta FAQ page ( which answers most of the curious questions about the open beta announcement.

First, the July 9 date was set considering there will be a “final series of Closed beta updates” spanning between now and the open beta launch. This should keep players plenty pre-occupied instead of waiting aimlessly for the open beta to drop.

Also, the all-important launch date has yet to be decided on, meaning the open beta still has no set end date. Developers plan to use the open beta as a serious feedback platform to improve features, both those that have been tested already in closed beta and the new ones coming to the open beta, before officially releasing the MMOFPS.

Speaking of new features, the open beta will have, among others, an episodic story campaign, more dynamic missions, world events and open world PvP.
Those interested in signing up for the Firefall open beta should sign up at the official home page, which is the same form that has been used to register for the invite-only closed beta.


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