Firefall fires up open beta stage 1

By Michael Jamias
firefall open beta begins

The free to play mmo shooter Firefall swings into the first stage of open beta testing.

To get players into the mood for the Firefall open beta, developers have released a new Firefall live-action trailer that lets us in on the intriguing plot surrounding the mmofps.

The well-produced four-minute trailer literally pulls out the punches and the reveal of key characters interacting with each other, including Pilgrim, Nostromo and Graves.

Players can sign up for the open beta for free via the official Firefall website.

Firefall is also holding a two-day livestreaming event on Twitch TV until July 10 to mark the game's open beta launch. Developers as well as special guests will be broadcasting their adventures in the freshly opened world of Firefall. In-game fans stand to win prizes for joining the livestreaming crew's activities.

“We’d like to thank our great community for all of their support through Closed Beta. Having just surpassed 1 million registered users, we’re extremely excited to move into the first stage of Open Beta testing and finally unlock Firefall for everyone,” said James Macauley, Vice President of Development at Red 5 Studios.

Macauley also promised that the open beta stage will be used by the MMO development team to get useful feedback as well as steadily ramp up the playable content that testers can access.

"We’ll be growing that experience over the months ahead with new features and content delivered frequently into testers’ hands."


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