Firefall gets new gameplay video, heading to Gamescom

By Michael Jamias
firefall gameplay video gamescom 2013

Red 5 Studios releases a new gameplay trailer featuring Firefall dynamic events.

Watch the intriguing dynamic events gameplay trailer below:

This latest Firefall preview, which also serves as the official Firefall Open Beta trailer, shows off the crazy flying fun to be had in the MMOFPS.

Using tech like jetpacks and gliders and all sorts of destructive blasters, players can defy gravity and experience exhilarating shootouts in mid-air.

The world of Firefall also promises to be brimming with dynamic events that players can jump right into for spontaneous vertical PvP and cool rewards.

Together with the release of the gameplay trailer, Red 5 Studios also confirmed that the game will hot Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany.

The developer teased that the Firefall Gamescom event will hold plenty of surprises for fans, including timeline and additional feature reveals, on top of a chance to get a crack at the beta version of the game.

The open beta offers fleshed-out features that even experienced MMORPG gunners will want to check out, including ARES missions and the new PvP eSports map Jetball.

For the rest who can't attend Gamescom, the ongoing Firefall Open Beta test is accepting sign ups at the official website.


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