Firefall eSports Winners to Split $1 Million in Prizes

By Michael Jamias
firefall esports 1 million prizes

There’s nothing like cold, hard cash to ramp up the competition in Firefall. Developer Red 5 Studios will be giving away $1 million in cash prizes to the victors of the 2013 eSports season.

eSports has been a core focus for Firefall. Aside from offering lucrative prizes in the mmofps, Red 5 Studios also developed custom eSports features that expand the competitive online shooter experience.

Firefall players can use the proprietary eSports Toolkit which allow spectators to go into Observer or Broadcast mode. Observer mode allows access to top-down cameras, auto-zooms and static cameras – whichever you need to view the fast-paced mmofps action in its full glory. Meanwhile, the Broadcast mode is tailor-made for MMO shoutcasters, with robust replay controls such as rewind, slow motion and fast forward, as well as a built-in player stat tracking.

“Red 5 is dedicated to supporting the future of eSports and we believe that creating a more compelling experience for participants and spectators will further the cause of competitive gaming,” said Morgan Romine, eSports Maven of Red 5 Studios. “The newly launched eSports Toolkit is just the tip of the iceberg. We will be supporting this initiative with our Mobile Gaming Unit this fall and providing a huge payout for elite competitive gamers in 2013.”


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