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Do the Red 5 layoffs mean Firefall is shutting down?
The developer of Firefall, Red 5, has had a really rough go at it for almost the past year. Last December, the mmofps developer made news when it was announced that they were unable to make payroll. They were eventually able to, but the fact that they had to scramble for paying their employees during the holiday season was extremely bad optics. Of course, that snafu happened after a bout of Red 5 layoffs that had occurred the month prior. The lat...
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Aug 04 2016
Total Red5 layoffs cast doubt on Firefall's future
One of the harsh realities of online games is that employment is often temporary. A lot of developers are let go after an mmo officially launches, and there is the normal lifespan of an online game to contend with as well. The future of the Firefall mmofps looks to be in serious jeopardy today as word has come out of the massive layoffs for the game's developer, Red5. A former producer for Firefall took to Twitter and Reddit to announce that a to...
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Jul 26 2016
firefall razors edge update
Firefall developers sliced a big chunk of new content and served it to players through the tasty Razor's Edge update.Firefall Razor's Edge update introduces Holdout - Jericho, described as a new instanced PvE game type where max-level players battle increasingly harder waves of Chosen. Many other mmo games have a similar feature, but Firefall gives players a "cash out" option where they can safely go home with their rewards after each wave o...
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Jan 20 2016
Red 5 Studios strategic reorganization announced
Without a doubt, 2015 was not a great year for Red 5 Studios, the developer of the Firefall mmofps. While the online shooter did add some new features and expand into China, there were significant layoffs and the Christmas payroll was not met (it was eventually paid a week later). As 2016 begins, we're met with the news of a Red 5 Studios strategic reorganization in order to strengthen the company and ensure a positive launch in China. On the up...
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Jan 08 2016
Red5 Studios payroll met
Earlier this week, we reported that the developers of the Firefall mmofps failed to make payroll on Christmas. This was a blow for employee morale, especially in light of the massive layoffs that occurred shortly after the game launched in China. Employees were not warned in advance of the payroll situation, and only a small number of individuals received the following email from management: "Hi Team, I regret to inform you that Red5 currently do...
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Dec 30 2015
Firefall developer Red 5 Studios payroll not met for Christmas
Christmas is the time for celebration and reflection, but not for the employees at Red 5 Studios, the developers of the Firefall mmofps, this year. A post on Reddit has revealed that the Red 5 Studios payroll that was expected to be paid out on December 25th, Christmas, was not met. This continues the downward spiral the game has undergone recently with layoffs back in November despite the game just launching in China.At first glance the stor...
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Dec 28 2015
Layoffs hit Firefall developer Red 5
One of the more distressing aspects of online gaming is that job security is very low. Once a game is developed, a good chunk of the development team is let go. The same is true for games that get a little long in the tooth. Even new games suffer this fate as they never truly catch on. Sadly, news has come out that there has been major Firefall layoffs that have hit the game's developer, Red 5. The mmofps has just launched in China, but it appear...
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Nov 23 2015
Firefall adding Amazon Warzone in update
Having something new to do is a conundrum for level-capped gamers, which is why Firefall players should be happy with the plans that the mmo fps is making for the next update. The game's public test server is now host to some of the new content that is being ironed out for future release. Chief amongst this new content is the addition of a new Firefall PvE zone that is called the Amazon Warzone. The Amazon Warzone is where the Chosen Razorwind c...
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Jan 28 2015
Firefall Wintertide event begins
Just the thought of Santa being a badass with a huge gun is enough to make most gamers chuckle. Seeing how different online games present Christmas events is always fascinating, and the mayhem that occurs in the Firefall Wintertide event is sure to put a smile on the face of every mmofps gamer. In the Firefall setting, Santa is actually a Reaper bandit who's been stockpiling stolen goods all year long. He then ventures out during Wintertide as Fa...
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Dec 17 2014
Firefall Nightmare Before Wintertide event
Since it's the holiday season, that can mean only one thing: another Chosen Offensive for Firefall! That's right, players of the sci-fi mmofps can line up in order to take a shot at one of the developers during the event. The Firefall Nightmare Before Wintertide event takes place on Sunday, December 7th, from 11am PST to 2pm PST. There are a raft of rewards awaiting those who take part. The Firefall Nightmare Before Wintertide chosen offensive i...
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Dec 04 2014