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  • Far Cry 3: loadout

    Far Cry 3: loadout
    During multiplayer matches, players can choose from one of 4 loadouts. You can change loadouts midgame if needed....
    Far Cry 3: loadout

    Far Cry 3: multiplayer

    Far Cry 3: multiplayer
    Far Cry 3 uses standard FPS style controls. In cooperative and multiplayer games, be sure to help fallen allies....
    Far Cry 3: multiplayer

    Far Cry 3: towers

    Far Cry 3: towers
    In the story, you explore a huge island. Look for towers like this. They will unlock new items at the stores....
    Far Cry 3: towers

    Far Cry 3: progress

    Far Cry 3: progress
    The handbook/progress tab tracks everything in game. From achievements to towers and even progression through the story, this is w...
    Far Cry 3: progress

Far Cry 3 Gameplay

Far Cry 3 Gameplay

Far Cry 3, developed and published by Ubisoft, is a FPS MMO set in an open world. Far Cry 3 is the third installment of the Far Cry series. Adventures happen on an exotic island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The main Far Cry 3 protagonist is Jason Brody. Things start to go wrong when Jason and his friends find themselves abandoned on different locations on the same island. Getting together and escaping is not that easy. The island is controlled by a pirate faction. Jason’s friends are held captive and are in danger of being sold as slaves. Jason manages to escape the pirates and, with the help of native island inhabitants, starts rescuing his friends. However, the time spent on the island has unpredictable effects on Jason.

The Far Cry 3 single player campaign takes players through insane adventures. The island hides many secrets and dangers. Pirates are hunting Jason. They are led by Vaas. He is not only bloodthirsty but also touched by madness. Island natives see Jason as the reincarnation of a great warrior that will bring salvation and freedom. During gameplay, players must decide where their allegiance lies. They can stay true to their friends and their normal lifestyle or embrace indigenous practices and beliefs. Far Cry 3 NPCs add flavor to the gameplay experience. They also play an important part in character development. Citra is both a priestess and a warrior. She is the leader of island’s tribes. She is also very determined to make things go her way. Willis is a former CIA agent. Just like Jason, he is also affected by what happens on the mysterious island. Alec Earnhardt, once an esteemed doctor, is another Far Cry 3 NPC. He uses his botanical knowledge to produce and sell drugs. Doc Earnhardt is also a heavy consumer. Far Cry 3 MMOPFS has just one playable character but, there are various ways to experience the game. Players can go through Far Cry 3 as silent killers, berserking warriors or snipers. There are 8 categories of customizable weapons. There are also multiple ways to travel. Players can use terrain vehicles, boats or hang gliders.

Mini games are part of Far Cry 3 activities. Completing these mini challenges is a great way to make some money. Poker, car races, drinking and shooting contests are all part of local entertainment. Far Cry 3 also has 4 PvP modes. There is a Far Cry 3 map editor. Player created maps can be shared with the entire Far Cry 3 MMO forum community. Players can team up and complete co-op missions as well. Far Cry 3 graphics and animations can be quite shocking. Although beautifully created, Far Cry 3 is a very violent and psychotic game.

By Rachel Rosen


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