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    Far Cry 2: story
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    Far Cry 2: point
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    Far Cry 2: malaria
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    Far Cry 2: medic
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    Far Cry 2: medic

Far Cry 2 Gameplay

Far Cry 2 Gameplay

Far Cry 2, developed and published by Ubisoft, was released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Despite the fact that is an oldish game it's still one of the most played open world fps. It also has some rpg features. Far Cry 2 developers abandoned Jack Carver, the protagonist of the original Far Cry. Players claimed they didn't feel any special connection with said character and they would prefer seeing a new one. You will play as a mercenary whose job is to find and kill the notorious weapon dealer, the Jackal. The action takes place in an African country torn apart by anarchy and civil war. There are 9 mercenary characters you can choose to play Far Cry 2. The game has a nice twist here. You'll chose one mercenary and the other 8 will become your buddies. You will find them scattered in the game world. They will offer you side quests to complete. As the events unfold, you'll find out that Far Cry 2 has a more realistic story than its predecessor, the original Far Cry. In the end you will even find out that the bad guy is not that bad after all. Or at least that's what he likes to think.

The open world style adopted in Far Cry 2 fps gives the player great flexibility. There isn't a fixed order for you to complete missions. You can side with any faction you like or take down anyone if you feel like it. This results in non-linearity and replay value. Far Cry 2 also introduced weather conditions and a day/night cycle. This will affect your abilities and impact the way enemies react. The game world extends for 50 square kms(or 19 square miles) and you can use cars or trucks or other vehicles to travel. Weapons in Far Cry 2 are divided into 3 categories: Primary, Secondary and Special. You have 3 inventory slots where you can equip a weapon at a time. You will also have a default equipped machete. You can use grenades too. A special attention will be payed to the gun shop. Due to intense usage your weapons will suffer irreparable damage. You can get new ones and upgrade them at the gun shop.

Even if it's not an mmo, Far Cry 2 has a multiplayer mode. The maximum number of supported players is 16. There are 4 multiplayer modes : deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag and uprising. The most interesting one is uprising. The objective is to capture bases but only the team captain can do that. After capturing all bases the enemy captain must be killed. This mode encourages team play and coordination. Far Cry 2 graphic style impresses by its realism. Dunia is the name of the game engine and it was specially developed for Far Cry 2. There is a dlc, Fortune's Pack, available for Far Cry 2.

By Rachel Rosen

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