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  • Tame the Beast

    Tame the Beast
    Use every weapon at your disposel to survive....
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    Brother! Help Me!

    Brother! Help Me!
    Cooperate with your teammates to take the objective....
    Brother! Help Me!

    Planetary Hunt

    Planetary Hunt
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    Under the Dome

    Under the Dome
    Trap the beast using special equipment....
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Evolve Stage 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Evolve Stage 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Evolve Stage 2 is a free action PvP FPS MMO developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K. Gameplay is based on multiplayer interaction between two teams of players. One team is a squad of four members who work together to take down a monster. This extremely powerful creature is also controlled by a player but its strength allows it to face a four man team without being at a disadvantage. The monster doesn't always rely on raw power. Outsmarting the enemy is a valid technique as well. This 4 versus 1 gameplay makes Evolve Stage 2 an interesting game. Players experience different combat roles by selecting from multiple characters. Evolve Stage 2 also has monsters with unique powers.

Hunters and monsters have access to multiple characters. Evolve Stage 2 hunters can fulfill one of the four roles: assault, medic, trapper or support. Players are free to select any character from the desired category. Each character has five abilities and uses a different weapon. Those who want to capture the monster will realize that team work is crucial. The monster is a powerful being that can easily get rid of a lone hunter but a well organized team will surely give him a hard time. The alien planet of Shear is the battleground. It's a dangerous place but players will learn that they can use local beasts or other life forms to gain an advantage. Evolve Stage 2 players who decide to play monster have five choices of beasts. Gorgon has deadly damage over time single target ranged abilities. Goliath possess extraordinary strength and has the ability to breathe flames. Kraken deals electric damage. Wraith uses decoys and kidnaps hunters. Behemoth has abilities that allow it to deal with enemies in close range and also with hunters that try to take it down from a distance. Evolve Stage 2 has a level up system that allows players to gain new powers and to customize their looks with skins. Leaderboards are a common feature in most MMO FPS games. Players gain ranks when they win matches.

Evolve Stage 2 has two modes that allow players to compete in different scenarios. The game was released in 2015 as a buy to play title. An year later developers decided to switch to a free to play model and to implement various updates. Evolve became Evolve Stage 2, a game with better matchmaking system and graphical updates. Those who bought the game were given currency as compensation. By adopting the free to play business model, the game reached a MMO audience and enjoyed a playerbase increase. Those interested in Evolve Stage 2 can find it on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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