District 187 brings the Blackout

By Josh Wirtanen
District 187 brings the Blackout

District 187: Sin Streets, Netmarble's multiplayer online FPS, has recently recieved an update titled Blackout.

The update is named after the included death match map, which we've been given a fairly enticing description of in an official press release. "The bloody struggle for territory in D187 ratchets up to a whole new level - literally - as the gangs make their stand in a two-story stronghold with a fortified tunnel. The newly introduced Blackout map is a team death match map where each team fights until the last man is left standing."

But it's not just a new map that players will enjoy; Blackout brings two new female characters to the mix. It looks like Netmarble is playing up the "good girl/bad girl" vibe, as Debora is a straight-laced woman who cares deeply about her family, while Gloria is a party girl whose "lifestyle ended up reflecting negatively on her studies."

In honor of District 187's new ladies, there's been a whole slew of pink guns added to the game's arsenal, including weapons with names like the D.Eagle Cute and the PDW Cute Plus.

And to top it all off, there are some new costume pieces and the option to change your nickname to one of eight colors.

District 187 female characters


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