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  • District 187: Create Character

    District 187: Create Character
    No initial customization, only requirement is to provide a name....
    District 187: Create Character

    District 187: Gun Modification

    District 187: Gun Modification
    Very impressive display and unique style for gun customizations....
    District 187: Gun Modification

    District 187: Item Shop

    District 187: Item Shop
    Spend currency on new weapons, costumes, characters and other items....
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    District 187: Combat

    District 187: Combat
    Fun and exciting combat that will make you jump...literally....
    District 187: Combat

District 187 Gameplay

District 187 Gameplay

District 187: Sin Streets is a new fps, developed and published by CJ GameLab. Game events take place at the end of the 21st century. A great economic depression turned the world upside down. The rich want only to get richer through any means. Naturally, a group of freedom fighters tries to protect the oppressed citizens. District 187 players will need to pick a side. They can fight for the Gangs or for S.W.A.T. Most of the action and fights take place in an urban setting. Traditionally, fps games are not played for the story but for the intense PvP action. District 187 attempts to bring story line into gameplay evolution.

District 187 offers 5 game modes. Deathmatch mode is about getting a number of kills in a certain period of time. If both teams fail, the team with most kills is declared winner. Deathmatch Knife Only mode has the same victory condition as deathmatch but there are weapons restrictions. When playing Bomb mode, one team has to destroy a target while the other team has to protect it. This mode is played in rounds. The attacking team wins the round if the bomb they planted explodes and destroys the target. The defenders win if they stop the attackers from setting up the bomb or they successfully defuse the bomb. Round match mode is also played in rounds. Within 2 minutes, one team must completely eliminate all the members of the opposing team. If they fail, the round is won by the team with most alive members. In Scramble mode, teams must get the target and bring it to their base to score points. The team with most points wins.

Gun modification is one of the most important District 187 features. Guns can be modified if they have mod slots. Mod interface shows existing mods and available mods. There are 4 types of District 187 gun mods: skins, flashlights, sights and silencers. They can be acquired from the parts shop. Players can use inventory to store mods. No need to worry about taking up space because they are stackable. District 187 weapons are divided into 4 categories: main, sub, melee and thrown. Main weapons are rifles, shotguns and snipers. Pistols are District 187 sub weapons. Knives and axes can be used as melee weapons. The last category of District 187 weapons includes smoke and frag grenades. Players can form guilds (clans) and take part in Street Fight battles. The winning clan gets control over a zone and earns all sorts of rewards. Players can check out their performance on the official website. District 187 ranking system is divided into individual and clan ranking.

By Rachel Rosen


District 187 brings the Blackout

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