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    Deus Ex Human Revolution: story
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution: tigers
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution: dead
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Deus Ex Human Revolution Gameplay

Deus Ex Human Revolution Gameplay

Deus Ex Human Revolution is a cyber punk action fps with rpg features, developed by Eidos Studios and published by Square Enix. Adam Jensen, a SWAT specialist, is heavily wounded during his mission to guard Sarif Industries. He wakes up and finds his body heavily modified and improved with biomechanical parts. Adam Jensen is caught up in the middle of political schemes as he tries to find his attackers. The action in Deus Ex Human Revolution actually takes place 25 years before the first Deus Ex game. Deus Ex Human Revolution is an open world type of game. The story will build up and your character will progress and evolve based on your decisions. You have a lot of freedom in Deus Ex Humans Revolution.

Deus Ex Human Revolution has 4 types of playstyles: Combat, Stealth, Hack and Social. You can use any of them to complete your current mission. You can either sneak in and steal an item or you could just march in and kill the guards. You also have the option to sweet talk your way out of a certain situation. There is no optimal way to play Deus Ex Human Revolution. The choice is yours. The only time you actually need to kill someone is during mandatory boss fights. There's an achievement called “The Pacifist” if you manage to complete the game without causing any unnecessary deaths. When Adam Jensen levels up he can enhance any of the 4 playstyles to become more skilled. He also can acquire a Praxis Kit that awards him with a skill point. You can opt in to build a balanced character or you can invest all your points in a single playstyle. You can use weapon mods to make your weapons more efficient. The HP pool regenerates over time. Medication can be used to instantly refresh it or boost it for a limited period of time. Energy is your resource and just like health it can regenerate over time. The player has the option to highlight objects on the map. You can toggle this option on/off from the game menu.

Besides Adam Jensen, the main character, there are lots of NPC's in Deus Ex Human Revolution. Each of them has its own background story and adds flavor to the game. For instance, Dr. Megan Reed is not just a lead scientist working for Sarif Industries, she is also Adam's ex girlfriend. You will meet soldiers, mercenaries and psychologists. The Missing Link is a dlc that covers the part during Adam's journey from Heng Sha to Singapore. Deus Ex Human Revolution generated lots of forum discussions and heated opinions. In fact, these discussions started when the first Deus Ex game was released. The discussions revolve around the main theme of all 3 games: human abilities augmentation with the use of technology. If you ever find yourself tired of the social interaction required in an mmo, Deus Ex Human Revolution is a great single player fps.

By Rachel Rosen

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