Defiance braces for Volge Incursion

By Michael Jamias
defiance volge incursion

The Volge stir up trouble across Defiance in this new content roll-out.

Defiance has activated the week-long Volge Incursion event, which will have Hunters defending the frightened settlements from Volge raids.

To complete the Volge Examination pursuit and claim rewards, players will need to kill three kinds of Volge -- a Trooper, a Bomber and a Viscera -- as well as aid in 5 Volge emergencies.

The emergencies are scenarios resulting from the Volge rampage. Players can choose from a variety of tasks meant to thwart the Volge aggression, from defending camps to setting up traps to intercepting their raiding plans.

The Volge represent tougher-than-normal enemies in the sci-fi MMOFPS, so Hunters are advised to exercise caution when engaging them. The warlike species stand over eight feet tall and sport some of the sturdiest armor around, making them quite tough to take down in battle.

The Volge have been spotted in the Defiance TV show, but the MMO seeks to more fully flesh out the threat posed by these aggressive invaders. The fact that their ulterior motive is still kept under wraps only adds to the mystery of their endgame, and why after so long they have chosen now to emerge from their underground lairs.


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