Defiance releases worldwide with a stirring launch trailer

By Michael Jamias
defiance release launch trailer

The futuristic sci-fi mmofps Defiance has launched worldwide with the accompanying TV series set to premiere two weeks after on April 15.

Five years in development, Defiance offers exciting multiplayer shooter battles in a future Earth ravaged by alien technology and an interstellar war, shown off in the new launch trailer below:

The trailer highlights several of the unique features found in the MMO, including the vehicle transports that players can ride to get around the Defiance world, the Arkfall events that shower extraterrestrial threats to the planet surface, and the various EGO skills that will help players defeat their enemies – whether bestial or humanoid.

In Defiance, players take on the role of Ark Hunters who search the hazardous San Francisco Bay Area for valuable alien technology. Ark Hunters do away with the usual notion of leveling, and instead rely on their EGO – a neuro implant installed to enhance their abilities – for increased power when progressing into the game. Players earn EGO points that can be spent on their chosen active powers and passive perks to create a personalized character to suit their combat style, whether it’s to specialize in sniping, subterfuge, or all-out frontline combat.

Defiance is a buy-to-play game, with digital copies being sold at the official Defiance website and at all major video game retailers. Standard Editions start at $59.99, with bonus-packed Premium bundles such as the digital Deluxe Edition for PC and physical Collector’s Edition for console and PC, available for USD $99.99. A limited run Ultimate Edition is also available for console and PC for USD $149.99, and includes a season pass, all Standard and Collector’s editions items and an exclusive Hellbug figurine.


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