Defiance game plague threatens TV show town in new crossover update

By Michael Jamias
defiance plague free update

Another Defiance crossover event has erupted where players must stop a plague from reaching the boob-tube Defiance town.

To do so, Defiance mmorpg players will need to find a cure for the rapidly spreading infection that is fast turning San Francisco into a plague-ridden nest.

Finding the cure will require fans to play through the new Plague Sieges game mode, 8 new emergencies, 2 new pursuits which lead up to the discovery of a cure that can be sent to Defiance town. There is also an all-new mission series scheduled to run from June 10th to 17th.

Should the Ark Hunters in the MMOFPS fail to send the cure in time, then the town of Defiance in the Syfy TV show will suffer the consequences.

Developers have confirmed that the Defiance episode airing June 17th will feature the devastating impact of the infectious plague on the town. The resident doctor has even sent a desperate distress call to his outside contacts in the hope that an anti-virus has been found to quell the outbreak.

This latest crossover event continues to emphasize the link between the Defiance game and TV show, where events in one can alter the events in the other.


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