Defiance Gunslinger Trials DLC now live on PC and Xbox

By Michael Jamias
defiance gunslinger trials dlc live

Time to draw those pistols and tag-team with your MMO buddies -- the new Co-op Arenas are now open coinciding the Defiance Gunslinger Trials DLC launch.

Defiance Gunslinger Trials DLC artwork

You and your friends can take on a total of nine Co-op Arenas, each with its own set of challenges and gripping storyline. Gearheads, meanwhile, will be salivating over the rewards from completing the VBI story missions. You’ll be asked to assist the world’s most powerful weapons maker to investigate the events surrounding Karl Von Bach’s disappearance, and it’s safe to say they’ll compensate your time and effort with some of the most powerful items in the MMOFPS.

Another high point in the Defiance Gunslinger Trials DLC is you can play a real Gunslinger, complete with pistols, cowboy hats and them shiny epaulettes. Gunslinger weapons and outfits will be yours to purchase either with in-game rpg currency or real-world cash.

If you're a Defiance Season Pass holder, then you should have automatic access to all the Gunslinger Trials content. Non-Season Pass holders can to purchase it for $9.99 starting today for the PC and Xbox versions of Defiance. Non-Season Pass holders playing on the PS3 will get the chance to buy it beginning March 24 in North America and March 25 in Europe.


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