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By Tam Mageean
defiance guns

In his State of the Game Address, Trick Dempsey, Creative Lead for MMOFPS, and apocalyptic scavenger hunt, Defiance, promised that his first order of business was to make the weapons in the game more enjoyable. One month later, and the crew at Trion Worlds has come through, and delivered Dempsey's promise in the new Defiance patch 1.105.

A large part of improving the weapons system, has been simply making the rarer weapons more powerful, and more unique than common weapons.

"we wanted to make sure that the rarer the weapon, the more awesome it is, guaranteed"

Throughout the 5 levels of rarity, from common to legendary, each weapon gets a new, stackable perk. So every rare weapon has all the perks of its predecessor, and more. Not only do the perks stack, but each one is progressively bigger, giving scavengers a huge advantage over your typical run-and-gun rush players.

Defiance patch

They're also making the weapon bonuses "make sense" and be relative to the weapon they're attached to, giving your big shiny death-toys more personality and individuality. This part of the process also meant removing some negative bonuses.

"Weapons also sometimes had effects that weren’t a self-revive bonus. We’ve never heard someone exclaim 'man, this bonus is great! I can’t wait to die now!'"

A very solid point.

To many, this patch may just sound like a simple stats re-shuffle, but in an FPS MMO, even adjusting a single weapon's stats can significantly shift the balance. Going after the whole arsenal like this from the ground up requires a lot of care and research. Defiance players are in for a serious wake up, and are going have a great time figuring out their new toys.

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