Defiance schedules first beta event on January 18

By Michael Jamias
defiance first beta january 18

PC players get first dibs on exploring the MMOFPS world of Defiance when it unleashes its first beta event in less than two weeks.

Set for January 18 and lasting until January 20, the first beta event for the open-world shooter title from Trion Worlds will allow PC players to take on the role of an ark hunter.  (Sorry console fans, you will have to sit out this free mmo beta event.)

Ark hunters are “part treasure hunter, part mercenary” characters that focus on finding valuable Votan artifacts and selling them to the highest bidder. Ruthless and resourceful, ark hunters will wield powerful guns to get the job done. So prepare to rain down punishment on Defiance foes using fast-loading and fast-shooting KLOC pistols, destructive XS50 grinder shotguns, and the exterminating “ground pounder” Mass-GL grenade launcher.

Defiance beta players will be able to experience the full tutorial mode, and have access to previously previewed areas such as Mt. Tam and the Waterfront multiplayer map. Arkfall open world bosses are also fair game, but will require a concerted effort from beta participants to take down.

Beta event slots are limited, according to Trion Worlds, so make sure to register in the special official beta event site at


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