Defiance Will Be F2P in June

By Jeff Francis
Defiance free-to-play

Players can venture across the terraformed Earth for free as Trion Worlds announced that Defiance will be going free to play starting June 4th for the PC. Created in collaboration with the SyFy channel, the Defiance mmofps features storylines that interact with those that are currently unfolding in the tv series. The game will also be f2p for the Playstation 3 on July 15th, and there are talks of bringing the game to the Xbox console as well. However, Trion is assuring current players that the Defiance f2p model will not hurt them.

All players that are currently playing the game will have more character slots, loadouts, ark keycode capacity, and inventory slots than free-to-play accounts. Every gamer that had purchased a boxed or digital copy of Defiance will also receive a one-time grant of 1000 Arkforge, which can be used from resetting weapon mastery to bumping a weapon up to epic rarity. They'll also receive 30 days of Paradise Patron status which gives them a 10% discount in the game's store, daily grab bag of two-hour boosts, Arkforge from daily and weekly ark hunter bonus lock boxes, and boosts to skill, xp, salvage, and reputation gain rates that stack with boosts available in the store.

Defiance firefight

Overall, I believe Defiance going the f2p route is a good thing and will benefit the mmo fps in the long run. In this day and age, it's hard to put out a game that you have to pay up front for, and there's a lot of competition from other shooters. This announcement also dovetails in with the upcoming second season of the Defiance tv show on SyFy.

If you have any questions about the upcoming Defiance free to play changes, you can tune in to their livestream on Friday. Creative Lead Trick Dempsey and Senior Community Relations Evan "Scapes" Berman will field your questions about the changes and the plans for the future.


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