Dark Matter Arkfalls, mega death machine descend on Defiance

By Michael Jamias
defiance dark matter arkfalls

Defiance players can now dive into dangerous Dark Matter Arkfalls, and take down The Monolith -- or die trying.

What's at stake? Just the fate of New Earth. Waves of relentless infantry soldiers are pouring into the Bay Area under the command of those wickedly devious Votanis Collective, and you're one of the valiant few standing in the way of their iron-fisted domination. From Enforcers to Snipers to Monitors and Bulwarks -- soldiers of every kind will be coming out of those Arkfalls, testing your combat adaptability to the limits.

The most important of these Dark Matter Arkfalls is the Major "Extraction Force" event where you'll get the sweet task of squaring off against The Monolith, a massive armored assault mech developed with the singular purpose of exterminating all resistance. Talk about a tall task!

You'll definitely have your hands full dealing with this big bad robot, but it does come with awesome rewards to make your hour of tribulation worth it. These include loads of Scrip, XP and Keycodes, plus fantastic Lockboxes containing exquisite loot for your mmofps character.

Can't beat The Monolith? Here's a tip straight from the mmo developers: The mech is invincible until you destroy its unique attack points, so make sure to take those out before going in for the killing blow.

Trion Worlds has also released the Dark Matter Arkfalls spotlight video, complete with taunting barbs, to crank up your competitiveness:


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