Defiance Castithan Charge DLC has been detonated

By Michael Jamias
defiance castithan charge dlc release

The Defiance Castithan Charge DLC pack is now available for purchase for $9.99.

This first-ever Defiance DLC pack unlocks a new playable race, powerful and potentially pubstombing new weapons, a cool 4-man ride, and a whole bunch of fresh content.

The namesake Castithan playable species headlines the newest add-on pack for the Trion Worlds-made fps mmo. The Castithans are one of the Votan races, and have a human-like appearance but are distinguished by their ghostly pale skin and hauntingly light hair and eyes. The Castithan's arrogant attitude and their fervent devotion to their monotheistic religion further define them as a race.

The new DLC also marks the arrival of exciting action content in the sci-fi shooter MMO, including 5 new Battle Arenas, Volge Sieges, Dark Matter Arkfalls and new Storyline Missions.

Gearheads craving for new weapons can also look forward to wielding powerful Castithan Charge Blades and other Charge Weapons.

The $9.99 DLC pack is rounded out with a new 4-player vehicle that makes traveling in groups not only more convenient but also ruggedly stylish.

Players have two options on purchasing the Defiance Castithan Charge DLC -- either buy it as a standalone pack for $9.99 or subscribe to the Defiance Season Pass that locks in the purchase of 5 DLC packs at an overall cheaper $39.99 plus access to extra exclusive digital items.


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