Defiance Arktech Revolution slated for launch next week

By Tam Mageean
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A little over a year old now, since its launch, and Defiance is already onto it's fifth DLC pack; Arktech Revolution. The new Defiance DLC has spent some time in the limelight recently, following a positive Livestream demonstration that showcased voice overs from Defiance's companion TV show, EGO reworks and a hotly disputed introduction of new enemy difficulties. Many players have expressed that they don't want to see more of a grind in the game this early on, and that it could signify that the developers at Trion Worlds are already thinking about the endgame for the mmofps.

Defiance Arktech Revolution banner

The new DLC's launch date was announced today, and fans of the mmo can get their hands on Arktech Revolution from as early as April 15th on PC and Xbox 360. It's available on the PlayStation 3 on April 15th too, but only for their Season Pass holders. If you're not a Season Pass holder on Playstation 3, you'll have to wait until April 29th in the United States, and Aprils 30th in Europe.

Along with a new EGO Cap, improved EGO rating power scaling and new difficulty tiers, new gameplay features have been added, including Expert Co-Op maps, new perks and a barrage of game updates, rebalances, bug fixes and adjustment.

A full list of the new Arktech Revolution features can be found here on the official Defiance website.


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