Defiance Arkbreaker's test servers open

By Tam Mageean
defiance arkbreaker test

Trion have been working hard on the new Defiance update, Arkbreaker. This is the biggest update to the MMOFPS thus far, so the developers want as much fan feedback as possible before the DLC's launch later this year. For this reason, they have opened the doors to an extra-large, fully functioning public test server for Defiance: Arkbreaker.

Defiance is less than a year old, and is already onto its second DLC package with Arkbreaker; following the successful launch of their Castithan Charge DLC in August.

Players who are interested in checking out the Alpha Test by selecting it in the "Manage Games" window on the official Defiance Website. They want you to test the DLC to its fullest extent and report back, via the forums with as many bugs, tips and suggestions that you can come up with:

"We look forward to hearing about your early exploits calling down Arkfalls and facing off against the Volge Warmaster."

Although Arkbreaker's Alpha has only just launched, Trion Worlds are already throwing in new features, and have unlocked all missions, so that they can all be played as groups now, even campaigns in the MMO that had previously been set up as single-player.

"Now, players will be able to play through the whole main mission line with groups of up to four players. If you had trouble with Dogtown Mine or the Dark Matter Base, then fear not. You are not alone."

It's all happening over on Arkbreaker, so lock, load and get in there!


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