Defiance Arkbreaker DLC slams into live servers

By Michael Jamias
defiance arkbreaker dlc now live

A tremendously powerful new tech has crashed on Earth -- one that lets its controller call down arks. Ark Hunter heroes and all sorts of baddies are now racing to secure this mysterious artifact, and use it to gain profit or cause mass destruction.

This is the premise of the newly released Arkbreaker DLC ($9.99), the second Defiance optional content pack for Trion Worlds' sci-fi fps mmo.

Watch the Arkbreaker DLC trailer to get up to speed on the situation, and see why this patch will cause some serious upheaval:

For starters, Defiance fans will be allowed for the first time to summon arkfalls and plunder them for advanced new tech.

The DLC also unleashes the epic 20-player boss battle against the Volge Warmaster, a titan of pure destruction, with an unforgiving 7-minute timer. Fail to defeat the boss within that time and it will teleport away, leaving your group tired and treasureless. But you'll be wise to keep on trying because the Warmaster drops some of the sickest gear yet in the MMORPG.

Last but not the least, every purchase of the Arkbreaker DLC comes with cosplaying goodness in the form a Volge Engineer outfit, plus increased login bonuses to keep your progression in accelerated gear.


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