Defiance Arkbreaker DLC descends December 10

By Michael Jamias
defiance arkbreaker dlc december 10

Release countdown begins for the Defiance Arkbreaker DLC, which brings new missions, cold fire weapons and arkfalls.

The free to play mmo has finalized the release date for its intense new DLC on December 10, upon which players will be plunged into absolute chaos as the Defiance world grapples with the discovery of an ark-brain interface that can command arkfalls to fall toward Earth. This sets the stage for a thrilling rivalry as you compete against the Dark Matter and other ark hunters to take control of this immensely powerful artifact.

What else does the Arkbreaker DLC bring aside from this thrilling new story line? Well for DLC purchasers, there are dozens of new cold fire sniper rifles, pistols and assault rifles plus advanced-tech arsenal to add to your collection.

DLC owners can also attempt a terrible new boss called the Volge Warmaster (shown in the thumbnail above) that will take 20 players to take down. This massive titan serves as the final boss in the DLC's new major arkfall, and even with a fully party, defeating it within the allotted 7-minute timer will be a feat of fantastic mmofps teamwork. Those coordinated enough to beat the fight timer will reap some of the best loot in Defiance, assured developers.

If you don't plan on buying the Arkbreaker DLC, don't worry. Free players still get several goodies such as co-op version of single-player instances, buff-giving spikes, insta-boost stims and login rewards.


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