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The top five new shows we want made into mmos
Developers draw inspiration for creating mmo games from a variety of sources. There are games based upon iconic book series (Lord of the Rings Online), movie franchises (Star Wars: The Old Republic), and even tabletop rpgs (Dungeons and Dragons Online). Yet one medium has only been used in the creation of a few online games: TV. The main two TV-inspired online games I can think of are Star Trek Online and Defiance. Outside of those two, there are...
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Sep 25 2016
Pros and cons of the Defiance Exchange shutting down
There are a number of features that online gamers take for granted, and one of these is the mmo auction house. A major part of the in-game economy of mmo games is the auction house, where players can buy needed gear or sell items to amass a virtual fortune. Yet not every game boasts this feature. The Defiance mmofps recently added an auction house in the form of their Exchange system, but in a surprising move, Trion Worlds has just announced the ...
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Jul 27 2016
Defiance mmofps continuing despite TV show's cancellation
If you're a fan of geeky sci-fi, fantasy, or horror TV shows, you know that cancellation is always an ever-present danger. It seems that most shows are always on the verge of not being renewed, and another fan-favorite has now officially bit the dust. It has been confirmed that the Defiance TV show has been cancelled by SyFy, but what about the Defiance mmofps based upon the show? Will it continue to run? Rumors of the online Defiance cancellatio...
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Oct 16 2015
Top five Defiance-style TV mmo tie-ins we want
There are a number of good mmorpg games based upon TV shows and movies. However, using an established intellectual property does not guarantee success or quality. One essential ingredient in such an online game is a regular infusion of new content that moves the overall storyline of the game forward or tells a self-contained story arc. This factor is a perfect match for games based upon TV shows. One notable example is the Defiance mmofps where e...
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Jul 29 2015
Defiance Q&A for July 2015 posted
The latest season of the Defiance tv show started off with a bang a few weeks ago (with some very surprising plot twists), and the mmofps based upon the game continues to surge and add new features. The developers have recently posted the latest Defiance Q&A where they answer players' questions and outline some of the future plans for the game.Outfits was the subject of a few questions during the Defiance Q&A. Gamers will be happy to ...
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Jul 13 2015
Will we see more mmo TV tie-ins?
One thing that online rpg players tend to forget while playing their favorite game is that an mmo is a business, first and foremost. If an online game cannot generate revenue for its parent company, then it will eventually shut down. A more interesting facet of online games is that many companies look to create a brand around their intellectual property. This is done so they can leverage that IP into other avenues in an effort to make more money....
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Jun 23 2015
defiance alcatraz update
Are you up for progressively harder challenges, Ark Hunter? The Defiance Alcatraz content update is now live and it leads Ark Hunters to the prison island with its seemingly overwhelming number of threats and bounties.Defiance players will be able to set out on brand-new expeditions and raids in The Rock and deal with opposing Votan and humans. The expeditions feature is one of the most anticipated in this update, giving players the option ...
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Apr 15 2015
Defiance Armistice Celebration begins today
While fans of the Defiance TV show have to wait until summer for the new season to kick off, there's still plenty to do in the mmo fps based upon the show. Starting today, players can take part of two years of both holiday and special events as the Defiance Armistice Celebration goes live. It's amazing that the game has put out five DLC packs, 25 TV episodes, and numerous updates over the last two years. To celebrate, gamers can take part in prev...
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Mar 30 2015
Defiance previews expeditions
Season three of the Defiance TV show is getting closer so that means gamers will be getting more content in the Defiance mmofps as well. Trion gave us a peek into the upcoming Alcatraz update that includes a new feature: expeditions. Defiance expeditions are evolving co-op matches where teams of players will fight against increasingly tough opponents for some nifty rewards.In an official post on the Defiance website, it was revealed that the ...
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Feb 18 2015
defiance the aftermath launch
Defiance has been in a bit of a lull after the explosive Season 2 TV finale last summer, but the action and excitement should shoot through the roof again with The Aftermath expansion going live today. Defiance's The Aftermath update launch is fraught with delicious danger for longtime fans. It will take players across exciting locales from Silicon Valley to Paradise amid a contentious pre-war environment between the Earth Republic and Vota...
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Nov 26 2014