28 Days Later: DayZ reports standalone profits

By Tam Mageean
dayz profits

One of the most popular mod-based games ever, DayZ, has reported its performance after spending a month out in the wilderness by itself.

It started out life, in early 2012, as a mod pack for the aging mmofps, Arma 2 and infamously skyrocketed it to record-breaking sales, despite the fact that most people buying it had no idea who, or what an "Arma" was. It was all in the name of DayZ, a survival-horror mod that turned the game into an mmo of its own, where you would wash up on a zombie-infested island, with nothing but your trusty can of beans to protect you.

After huge critical acclaim, viral success and an ever-growing fan-base, the DayZ developers, along with Arma 2's team at Bohemia, decided to embark on a survival horror quest of their own; by turning the game into a fully fledged standalone title.

Roughly 1 month after DayZ hit Steam Early Access and a staggering 800,000 copies have already been sold, netting an approximated $24million. Bare in mind; the standalone is still in its alpha phase, and has a record of buggy behavior, which shows how much of a testament $24 million is; the fan commitment and anticipation for an independent version of DayZ is huge.

Creator, Dean Hall, has stated that the early DayZ sales success will do wonders for development, and will have a positive impact on the development roadmap, which he plans to unveil over the next few weeks.


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