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By Tam Mageean
dayz double

Last week, news spread that the DayZ designer and creative lead, Dean Hall would be leaving the mmofps, in pursuit of starting his own studio. Instantly, fears rose over the future of DayZ, which Bohemia Studios have been slowly developing since fall 2012. Today, however, we're met with the positive news the Bohemia Studios are doubling their DayZ development efforts on the standalone project.

Bohemia Studios have employed a huge new squad of developers to help bring the standalone version of DayZ to fruition. Hopefully, what this means for gamers, is that the DayZ beta could arrive much sooner than first intended. Speculation over the future of DayZ has flipped entirely on its head over the course of a weekend, and now; rather than fearing for the future of the mmo, fans are now speculating how much sooner the game could arrive. DayZ is currently available in its alpha state on Steam's early access program, and in light of Bohemia's news, many are now hoping to see the beta appear on the 2014 launch calendar.

In addition, not to be outdone; Dean Hall has announced that he'll be sticking around with Bohemia, for the time being, stating that he wanted to be involved with the project, at any level, for the time being.


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