DayZ alpha released on Steam Early Access

By Michael Jamias
dayz alpha steam early access

DayZ has been released on Steam via the platform's Early Access program, but early adopters have been gravely warned that playing this wonky alpha version will be a very bumpy ride.

The Steam Early Access program sells games still knee-deep in development. In exchange for pre-purchasing a half-baked (or three-fourths-baked) mmorpg, for example, early buyers can provide feedback and influence its progress.

But in the case of DayZ, a zombie-slaying mmofps that has had its share of delays, the description gives a grave warning: Fans should only purchase the $29.99 DayZ alpha version if they "are prepared to handle serious issues and possible interruptions of game functioning," according to developer Bohemia Interactive.

If that isn't enough to scare you from buying the DayZ alpha on Steam, then you'll want to know the key features in this build.

The game will take place in Chernarus, a 230 sq km "chunk of post soviet state" that spans across the rural countryside to cities and military bases. Players will be able to combine and craft items to create survival tools, and customize their weapons and clothing from scavenged or cobbled together pieces.

During this Alpha run, up to 40 players can enter the server. In any case, it doesn't matter which server you log into because DayZ keeps a persistent player profile that is persistent across all mmo servers.

The more complete DayZ beta version is envisioned to have playable vehicles, native animal life, and more complex player interactions with the environment such as being able to create persistent constructions in the server world. But this will likely take "more than a year" to finish, said Bohemia Interactive.


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