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dayz graphics
Right now, we're heralding a new era of survival mmo games. Things have been kicked up a notch in the genre, in the wake of a very exciting, very successful half-decade the welcomed Minecraft, H1Z1, Ark and Terraria, to name a handful. With the survival setup proving itself as profitable and popular, mainly in the hands of indie devs and smaller studios, it was only a matter of time before the big guns turned up in the playground, demanding that...
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Feb 15 2016
dayz cheaters
Cheating in mmo games has existed for about as long as the games themselves. Despite attempts to curb unfair behaviour in gaming, successes have been few and typically, the good honest gamers still suffer in the long run. Plug-in applications like GameGuard and PunkBuster served well as hacker-stoppers, but they we invasive and made fair gamers feel untrusted and forced them to surrender a lot of private information, for the cost of playing certa...
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Aug 05 2015
dayz successor
It feels like it was only yesterday that mmo fans were texting and IMing each other to say " really need to check out this ArmA 2 mod". Then, in a whirlwind of success, the legend that was DayZ rose to the dizzying heights where it now rests. The underground tales of how a fan built a hugely successful mod, reinvigorated an ageing mmofps and then even got hired by the developers themselves was no longer an indie-devs dream, it was a real...
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Mar 03 2015
dayz 3 million players
It may get lonely in DayZ as you play a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, but you're not really alone when you consider there are now 3 million players who have bought the game.The DayZ 3 million player milestone was hard fought -- developers spent more than year improving the Steam Early Access version with a total of 24 updates released to the main public branch of the game, even beating many mmorpg games in sheer iteration speed. Impr...
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Jan 23 2015
dayz mini
DayZ may have started out in life as a fan-made mod for a military mmofps, but after a steep rise to success, fans of the fans are now making versions of their own. When sales in their old shooter, Arma 2, began to spike back up for a second time, long after the game's launch, the Arma team at Bohemia took notice. The fan-made "DayZ" mod for Arma 2 had gathered momentum, after taking gaming forums and the YouTube let's-play scene by storm. The ...
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Nov 21 2014
dayz engine
Today, in an "Ask Me Anything" session with the DayZ ambassador, Dean "Rocket" Hall, fans of the mmofps were told to prepare for an overhaul; as Bohemia Interactive look into new game engine options. "It is a complete rip out of everything, but we’re definitely leveraging existing tech." Rocket explained, on the Reddit AMA, "We had to decide, did we want to do a lot of little short term fixes or did we want to focus on the architecture. Giv...
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Jun 12 2014
dayz double
Last week, news spread that the DayZ designer and creative lead, Dean Hall would be leaving the mmofps, in pursuit of starting his own studio. Instantly, fears rose over the future of DayZ, which Bohemia Studios have been slowly developing since fall 2012. Today, however, we're met with the positive news the Bohemia Studios are doubling their DayZ development efforts on the standalone project. Bohemia Studios have employed a huge new squad of de...
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Mar 03 2014
dayz beta launch
DayZ is taking the zombie walk approach to indie development -- very slowly but also very surely. It could take roughly a year before the DayZ Beta version comes out. DayZ developers said the game's Beta version could be out by end 2014 at the earliest. DayZ Beta is the follow-up to the currently available DayZ Alpha version being sold on Steam. DayZ Alpha has already sold 875,000 copies despite being a buggy and incomplete version of the world ...
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Jan 08 2014
dayz profits
One of the most popular mod-based games ever, DayZ, has reported its performance after spending a month out in the wilderness by itself. It started out life, in early 2012, as a mod pack for the aging mmofps, Arma 2 and infamously skyrocketed it to record-breaking sales, despite the fact that most people buying it had no idea who, or what an "Arma" was. It was all in the name of DayZ, a survival-horror mod that turned the game into an mmo of its...
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Jan 07 2014
dayz alpha steam early access
DayZ has been released on Steam via the platform's Early Access program, but early adopters have been gravely warned that playing this wonky alpha version will be a very bumpy ride. The Steam Early Access program sells games still knee-deep in development. In exchange for pre-purchasing a half-baked (or three-fourths-baked) mmorpg, for example, early buyers can provide feedback and influence its progress. But in the case of DayZ, a zombie-slayi...
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Dec 17 2013