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Attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse in DayZ, the horror mmofps developed by Bohemia Interactive. Based upon the popular mod for ARMA 2, players seek to survive in a brutally realistic setting in this standalone game.

DayZ is set in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus. An unknown virus has swept the land and has turned the vast majority of the people into violent, undead zombies. It's in this harsh setting that the player has to work hard to survive not only the zombies infesting the land, but also natural effects such as starvation and disease. Players of this mmo fps have to scavenge supplies to ensure their survival. Everything from water, food, medicine, clothing, and weapons can be found and used. The action takes place on a 225 kilometer squared map that has numerous houses, barns, and abandoned vehicles where supplies can be found, but there is always the possible danger of zombies lurking inside as well.

Players have a limited carrying capacity in DayZ, which makes it crucial on what you're willing to carry with you. The action is true first-person-shooter as players can engage in both first-person and third-person views as they fight off the zombie hordes. However, zombies are not the only problems for the gamer. Other players can be friends or foe in this mmorpg. Players can choose to work together if they wish or they can prey upon one another to steal supplies. Players don't have to kill another player in order to steal from them as they can make them kneel and handcuff them, allowing them the freedom to rifle through their supplies. Player interaction is a strong focus in this game as players will be able to whisper to one another in voice chat as long as they're close together without other players being able to hear them. For longer communication ranges, players can use encrypted two-way radios.

The world of DayZ is harsh and unforgiving. Players will need to eat and drink to keep their health up. However, there are diseases that can sicken the character, requiring them to search for medicine. To create some security, players can build bases where their supplies can be safely stored. If a player is looking to pass some time broadening their mind, they can read one of several hundred books that are in the public domain, such as Moby Dick or the War of the Worlds.

Overall, zombies are just part of the menace facing players in DayZ. Disease, starvation, and other players are also risks to the well being of the player. Are you up to the challenge of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

By Jeff Francis


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