Crysis 3 unloads The Lost Island DLC on June 4

By Michael Jamias
crysis 3 the lost island dlc release june 4

The FPS takes the rebel hunt all the way to the West Pacific in the The Lost Island DLC releasing this Tuesday, June 4.

This newest Crysis 3 content pack will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

In this newest downloadable installment, Crysis 3 fans will venture outside their usual hangout at the New York City Liberty Dome and explore a mysterious new island filled with new threats.

Players will be tested on how well they can adapt their MMO shooter tactics in the new jungle outdoor environment across four, brand-new multiplayer maps and two completely new multiplayer modes, Possession and Frenzy. Fans will also have to master a fresh kit of killer weapons.

What's so special about The Lost Island? The Crysis 3 story masters reveal that an intriguing alien presence has been detected on the small island archipelago of the Philippines, a couple of hundred miles off Ling Shan which was the location of the original Crysis. Rebel forces have been mobilized to investigate the source of this alien reading, and destroy any extraterrestrial threat that happens to be there. Speed is of the essence because the elite CELL team are also racing to the site and will use violent means to get their way with the unknown entity.



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