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  • Crysis 3: options

    Crysis 3: options
    The multiplayer options screen lets you join matches, set game settings, or even preorder Crysis 3....
    Crysis 3: options

    Crysis 3: servers

    Crysis 3: servers
    This server select screen shows you active games, how many players they have, the ping and type of game....
    Crysis 3: servers

    Crysis 3: end

    Crysis 3: end
    At the end of each round you will see a list of unlocks and a hilight reel of your coolest kills....
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    Crysis 3: fps

    Crysis 3: fps
    Crysis games have often been a benchmark for graphical fidelity. The mulltiplayer is not the focus it does offer a fun fps experie...
    Crysis 3: fps

Crysis 3 Gameplay

Crysis 3 Gameplay

Crysis 3 is a FPS MMO developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. It’s the third game in the famous Crysis series. Crysis 3 is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Crysis 3 is a direct sequel to Crysis 2. The story takes place in New York 24 years later. Players adventure into Crysis 3 world as the Prophet. CELL corporation placed a Nanodome above New York transforming it into a metropolitan jungle. They say this is for protection but the truth is that the Nanodome is part of CELL’s world domination plans. Inside the Nanodome some areas are super dangerous. Players should expect high quality landscapes and all sorts of hidden dangers. Crysis 3 runs on the latest CryEngine 3.

One of the most popular Crysis 3 features is, without a doubt, the Nanosuit. It’s used as armor and it also gives play style flexibility. The Nanosuit is a very well known feature to Crysis veteran players. In Crysis 3, the Nanosuit gains more attributes and improvements. Using the Nanosuit players are able to view the surroundings and come up with the optimal strategy. Cloak is a Nanosuit feature that allows total camouflage. Crysis 3 Nanosuit also gives strength and great defensive capabilities. Heavy armor allows players to turn into tanks blasting their way through obstacles and enemies. You can also use the Nanosuit for quick close combat kills. Crysis 3 players are free to choose their play style and utilize Nanosuit features in any way they like. Like in all MMOFPS games, weapons are an important part of Crysis 3 gameplay. The most versatile Crysis 3 weapon is the Compound Bow. It can be used in all situations. It reloads automatically so you don’t need to worry about that. The Predator Bow uses all sorts of arrows. Electrostatic arrows produce electrical damage. Thermite arrows are explosives. Air Burst arrows never miss their target. The Typhoon minigun is an electromagnetic weapon capable of firing 500 rounds per second. The Plasma destroyer is built using alien technology.

Players can enjoy Crysis 3 single player campaigns and also multiplayer modes. Single player missions require players to fight CELL and Ceph (the alien threat). For multiplayer action players have 8 PvP modes playable on 12 different maps. Hunter mode is a newly introduced PvP mode. Crash Site (king of the hill) is one of the most popular modes. All Crysis games have this mode. PvP matches support 16 or 12 players. Crysis 3 is not one of the free MMO games. There is a one time purchase fee to acquire the game. Those who preorder Crysis 3 get all sorts of bonuses.

By Rachel Rosen


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